:. W O R D S .:


How can you keep on watching that fucking TV?
Wake up and close your eyes to stupidity.
Reality shows defy and define reality.
Commercials invading your screen constantly.

You breathe in a media hype fantasy.
Dream about fifteen seconds of celebrity.
You’re barely alive but your eyes are staring dreamily.
Your screen turning off your mind tenderly.

Media pollution.
Wasted evolution.

A screen in a screen in a dream is all that you see.
The screen creeps inside your head easily.
You flee from yourself, you fear responsibility.
You run from your life, a sad refugee.

How can you keep on serving that fucking TV?
You’re a slave to the TV screen willingly.
Your mind’s in decay, your life fades away silently.
In TV you trust – eternally.

Media pollution.
Wasted evolution.

Copyright: Ras Bolding 2003