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BLOG 2013

AND THAT WAS 2013 - DECEMBER 31 2013

Yes, indeed, 'tis the traditional Ras Bolding's New Year's speech to the Queen, broadcast live on the last day of the year from his very own and most exclusively Baronic Palace. The pink neon is lit, and our noble we is drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream - we are a noble we, after all.

2013 has been a busy year with many a concert, and though we did not perform in Greenland, we did go to Sweden a couple of times, that is Sk´┐Żne, what our noble we, and the royal family, we are sure, like to refer to as The Old Kingdom. We are also pleased to say that we did indeed open an exhibition at a most real museum. We did, alas, not cut any red ribbons - we did, however, bring red laser beams and a fabled Commodore 64 Knight from Holland. We also composed music for a literary work, what the lower classes, we believe, usually refer to as a book, and we finally defeated the evil Countess Ruth and her Faderhus County, duel, rapiers, straight through the heart, and every now and then, throughout the year, we wore our tricorne hat with a vengeance.


The last few months have been busy, too busy to sit down and write a blog, it would seem. Basically, I have been doing concerts, an autumn tour covering a couple of Danish cities and a Swedish one. And going back to Sweden again to do a show Saturday. I like doing the concerts - even if it means carrying around synthesizers, lasers, and neon tubes a lot - and I'm happy people show up to see us. Thanks a lot, really.

Apart from the concerts, I've been involved with the Media Museum at Brandts here in Odense, doing an exhibition on digital childhood, early computer games, demos, and music. Lots of Commodore 64, basically, along with Jean Michel Jarre vinyls, Depeche Mode posters, and, of course, arcade machines. It has been fascinating to do this project although also a bit strange - after all, this is my own childhood in a museum, and the Neverland of my generation was a blue labyrinth filled with ghosts. Doing the opening night concerts together with Dutch 64 legend, Jeroen Tel and Oktronium was great fun, if a somewhat busy weekend with three concerts in three days, in three different cities.

Earlier this year I finished a piece of some thirteen minutes of music for Pix, a Danish anthology of horror stories. The book is out now, and we're talking about doing some kind of reception sometime. Let's see what happens. It would be nice to perform the piece live in such a setting.

And that would have to be it for now. It is night and I returned from Sweden just a few hours ago, having DJ'ed at the Electric Lucia synth party two days in a row, so I better catch some sleep so I can start rehearsing for Saturday's concert tomorrow.

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